Avant-Garde Entertainment, Inc.
Presents American Soul Star™



American Soul Star™ is a music competition show for singers created by Michael D. Harper in Atlanta, Georgia. The concept of the competition includes various talents from across the country coming together in one place to compete for a chance to become the next American Soul Star! The competition boasts its popularity in cutting edge unsigned singing talents, cutthroat judges, and surprise celebrity guests! The winners of the competition receive a recording contract with Avant-Garde Entertainment Inc., music distribution, cash prize, and the experience of a lifetime!


American Soul Star™ aims to entertain vast audiences, and inform communities of rising talents. We provide a platform for singers to express their authenticity through their music, on stage and in front of thousands of potential fans. We hope to bring inspiration to every singer in the world. We believe that if you have a voice, it should be heard and we want to become an integral part of helping artists achieve their inner singing aspirations. We help soul singers develop unforgettable brands, as well as foster connections between these artists and audiences of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 


We see a world where creativity thrives and we want to impact the way the world sees soul music. Our vision is to inspire the creativity and confidence that it takes to chase dreams, and empower people to be imaginative and expressive. We want to nurture strong communities and unify people around the world in order to incite hope and create a brighter future for tomorrow’s creatives.



American Soul Star™ is a music competition show for singers created by Michael D. Harper in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Harper has always had a passion and love for music. He grew up listening to many music artists that he feels helped him face adversities. Michael D. Harper is a native of Atlanta, GA and is currently an attorney in private practice. However, he has continued to nourish his love of music over the years. 

In 2009, Mr. Harper formed Avant-Garde Entertainment, Inc., a music management, and independent record label entity. The term Avant-Garde refers to art that is bold, innovative, and experimental.

Avant-Garde Entertainment Inc. strives to provide opportunities for emerging artists to build their brands by assisting in developing, marketing, and distributing their music and providing the resources and guidance they need to reach their full potential. Through community programs, events, and shows such as American Soul Star™ the company has managed to bring people together in harmony and fellowship to enrich lives through music. 

Mr. Harper created American Soul Star™ to give soul singers from diverse backgrounds a platform to perform and be discovered by having their amazing voices heard. The American Soul Star™ competition aims to nurture community excitement and inspire creativity by means of his innovative model. Mr. Harper’s commitment and dedication to the advancement of community by means of music has amassed him and his hit show a ton of popularity.